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Remote Control

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66 Items Remote Control

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  1. Remote Control Black Magic Egg
  2. Apache Rockarmy Vibrator
  3. Remote Vibrating LokyPanty
  4. Remote Control Flippy Love Egg
  5. Amoressa Edgar Remote Control
  6. PrettyLove Egg Vibrator
  7. Remote Control Vibrating Egg
  8. Intense Vibrating Egg
  9. Remote Control Onyx Vibrator
  10. Black Vibracontrol 20cm
  11. Natural Vibrating Cock 20cm
  12. Black Vibraflex 20cm
  13. Black Vibraflex 21cm
  14. Total Control Vibraflex 21cm
  15. Remote Frog Vibrator
  16. Total Control Mia
  17. Remote Control Dominant Egg
  18. Barbara Real Feel Vibrator
  19. Vibrating Emperor 20cm
  20. Vibrant Realistic Emperor
  21. Ecstasy VibraSpray
  22. Silicock Cyber Remote Control
  23. CyberCock Remote Master
  24. HuckCyber Control
  25. RealFeel 20cm Vibrating Dildo
  26. Loli Control Vibrator
  27. Blissful Lush 2
  28. LoveRemote Refill
  29. Playful Pleasure Panties
  30. Obsidian Hula Balls

66 Items Remote Control

Set Descending Direction

Welcome to the era of long-distance fun with Loviux's remote control sex toys! In this category, we are breaking all barriers of distance because who said you need to be close to play? Immerse yourself in a world where power is literally in your hands, or in your partner's hands, and discover how these wonderful gadgets can turn your intimate moments into exciting adventures filled with pleasure.

Picture this scenario: a romantic dinner, meaningful gazes, and a small remote control determining the pace of the evening. Yes, we're talking about that vibrant excitement that only remote-controlled erotic toys can provide. At Loviux, we believe that anticipation and surprise are essential ingredients of foreplay, and with these toys, we are taking the game to another level.

Why Choose Remote Control Sex Toys?

The answer is simple: they add an element of unpredictability and excitement that other toys don't possess. Whether for individual use, to add a spicy touch to your couple encounters, or for group play while maintaining mystery, these toys are versatile and offer a world of possibilities.

  • For adventurous couples: Add excitement to your usual outings. With these toys, any place becomes a potential field for erotic play.
  • For solo play: Experience pleasure on your own terms, controlling intensities and patterns that lead you to climax in a surprising and delightful way.
  • For domination and submission games: Perfect for exploring power dynamics, surrendering control to your partner, and enjoying the anticipation and pleasure it brings.

Discover Our Range of Products

At Loviux, we pride ourselves on offering a carefully selected collection of remote control sex toys that adapt to any preference and level of experience. From discreet vibrators to remote-controlled anal plugs, our selection is designed to satisfy all your desires.

  • Remote control vibrators: Discreet, elegant, and surprisingly powerful, these vibrators are ready to make you thrill with excitement anytime, anywhere.
  • Remote-controlled anal plugs: Explore anal pleasure in a completely new way, controlling vibrations and pulsations at your own pace or letting yourself be led by your partner's choices.
  • Vibrating eggs: Small but powerful, these toys are perfect for prolonged and extremely pleasurable foreplay.
  • Remote control vibrating rings: Enhance your intimate encounters with these rings that promise shared pleasure and more intense orgasms.

At Loviux, we know that trust and comfort are key to fully enjoying the erotic experience. That's why all our remote control sex toys are made from top-quality materials, body-safe, and designed to provide maximum pleasure without compromising safety or discretion.

Ready to Take Control?

Embark on exploring new horizons of pleasure with our remote control sex toys. Whether you're looking to experiment with your partner or treat yourself to a solo indulgence, at Loviux, we have everything you need to turn your fantasies into reality. Remember, here the power is in your hands... or in the remote control.

Don't wait any longer, discover the excitement of playing from a distance and add a spark of adventure to your intimate encounters. Browse through our selection and find the perfect toy that will lead you to explore new dimensions of pleasure. The future of erotic play is here, and at Loviux, we're ready to help you uncover it!

Immerse yourself in the world of remote control sex toys, where every moment is a promise of unexplored pleasure, and every move an invitation to adventure. Loviux brings you a collection of devices designed to take you on a journey of discovery, excitement, and ecstasy, regardless of the distance. But, do you have questions about how to incorporate these wonderful gadgets into your life? Don't worry, we've compiled a list of questions and answers to guide you on your path to limitless pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Control Sex Toys

How to Use These Products?

The magic of remote control sex toys lies in their versatility. To start, fully charge your device to ensure an uninterrupted experience. Then, familiarize yourself with the controls, which can vary from physical buttons on the toy or remote to mobile applications with intuitive interfaces. Activate the toy and explore the different vibration settings and patterns until you find what pleases you the most. Remember, these toys are perfect for both solo play and couple adventures, where one takes control of the remote and the other enjoys the delightful surprises it brings.

What Are They Specifically Used for?

These devices are designed to enhance your erotic experience, whether you're exploring pleasure on your own or adding a spark of excitement to your couple encounters. They allow one participant to control the sensations of the other, offering a highly erotic and stimulating power dynamic. They are perfect for anticipation games, where not knowing when and how the next wave of pleasure will come can take orgasm to new levels of intensity. Additionally, they are great for couples in long-distance relationships, helping keep the flame of desire alive through technology.

What Are the Benefits of Using Remote Control Sex Toys?

The benefits of incorporating these toys into your repertoire are many and varied. First, they promote communication and trust among partners, as it's essential to express desires and establish boundaries. Second, they add an element of surprise and anticipation that can reignite passion. Third, they are ideal for exploring new pleasure areas, as they allow controlling intensities and vibration patterns in ways that would be impossible manually. Finally, they break the routine, opening up a range of possibilities for foreplay and sex.

Can They Be Used in Public Places?

While the idea of using a remote control sex toy in public places can be incredibly exciting, it's important to remember discretion and respect for others. Many of these toys are designed to be discreet and silent, making them perfect for adventurous play outside the home. However, always make sure to keep the volume under control and ensure that your fun doesn't invade others' personal space.

How to Clean and Maintain These Toys?

Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential to ensure the longevity of your toy and your health. Most remote control sex toys can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap or with specific cleaners for erotic toys. Make sure to dry them thoroughly before storing them and, if rechargeable, fully charge them before storing to ensure they're ready for the next adventure. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures and store them in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Where Can I Find Quality Remote Control Sex Toys?

Look no further! At Loviux, we have a wide selection of high-quality remote control sex toys designed to satisfy all your desires. From discreet vibrators to remote-controlled anal plugs, our collection is aimed at providing maximum pleasure for you. Explore our selection and discover the perfect toy for yourself or to share with your partner. Remember, pleasure is just a click away.

Whether you're venturing into the world of erotic toys for the first time or are an expert looking for new adventures, remote control sex toys offer a universe of possibilities waiting to be explored. At Loviux, we're here to guide your steps on this exciting journey to boundless pleasure. Let yourself be carried away and discover how far they can take you!