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  1. SleeveVibe
  2. Power Plus 13.5cm
  3. Renegade Bulge Pump
  4. Glow Penis Sleeve
  5. Transparent Hydro Pump
  6. Red Hydro Pump 8X
  7. HydroMax 8 Blue
  8. Silisleeve
  9. Natural Penis Sleeve Cecelia
  10. Triple Stimulator Ohmama
  11. TexturaVibe
  12. VibeTexture
  13. Dragon Vibrating Sleeve
  14. TexturaVibe
  15. Erection Enhancer: Erect Dance
  16. SuckPleasure
  17. Obsidian Bomb
  18. Black Power Bomb
  19. Intense Automatic Pump
  20. Intense Clear Pump
  21. Crystal Pulse
  22. Addictive Black Erection Pump
  23. Erection Pump Barometer
  24. Erec Alexander Pump
  25. ErecVibe
  26. Dual Enhancer 20 cm
  27. Erector Finger Vibe
  28. Silicover 13cm
  29. Stimulating Sleeve Pink 13 cm
  30. Lilac FlexiGlide Sleeve
  31. Osborn Stimulating Sleeve
  32. NaturalThickener
  33. ThickenPleasure
  34. LovePene Thickener
  35. ClearThicken
  36. RealFeel 22.5 cm Extension
  37. Perfect Skin Penis Sleeve
  38. Dance - Extender Strap 13.5 cm
  39. Penis VibroPump
  40. Penis Pistol Pump
  41. MaxSize Blue Enhancer
  42. Total Pleasure
  43. MaxPower Deluxe Penis Pump
  44. PotenciaMax Penile Vacuum Pump
  45. Digital Penile Power
  46. LoveTouch Ring
  47. Vibrating Sleeve Lilac
  48. Hollow Vibrating Dildo Vito
  49. VibraMando Penetrator
  50. Vibrating Sleeve Brave II
  51. Brave Man Rabbit
  52. Instant Pleasure Extender
  53. VirilXL Extension Black
  54. Virile Transparency
  55. VirilMax
  56. VirilXL Silicone Max
  57. Nature Silicone Cock Sleeve
  58. VirilSilk - Natural Extender
  59. VirilSilk - Natural Extender
  60. VirilSilk Brown
  61. VirilSilk Penile Extension

Items 1-81 of 212 Enlargers

Set Descending Direction
Who said you can't add a little... or a lot more to the game of pleasure? Welcome to the Extenders category at Loviux, where the magic of stretching becomes the golden gateway to a universe of intensified sensations and endless delights. Here, the motto is "longer, stronger, more enduring," and we're not just talking about binge-watching TV shows.

A Journey to Enhanced Pleasure

Imagine having the power to turn the extraordinary into something supremely epic in your hands. That's the promise of our selection of extenders. Designed for those looking to explore new dimensions of pleasure, these travel companions are more than mere gadgets; they are the true master keys to the garden of extended delights.

The Art of Stretching

At Loviux, we believe that the art of pleasure knows no bounds. That's why our extenders are the crème de la crème, meticulously selected to ensure both a safe and exquisite experience. Featuring premium materials, cutting-edge technology, and designs that attend to every last detail, each product is a first-class ticket to prolonged ecstasy.

Variety That Enchants

Just like in cooking, variety is the spice that seasons sexual life. Our collection of extenders is as diverse as our customers' desires and needs. From traction devices for the more adventurous to sleeves and extensions that promise to take self-love or partner sessions to unexplored pleasure levels. If you were looking to add an extra to your intimate encounters, you've come to the right place.
  • Penis sleeves: Perfect for those looking to add an extra dose of length and girth, multiplying pleasure for you and your partner.
  • Penis extenders: For those who wish to explore the limits of their potential, offering results that speak for themselves.
  • Extender rings: The ideal option to prolong the fun and maintain firmness for longer.

Why Choose Our Extenders?

At Loviux, we understand that diving into the world of extenders can be as exciting as it is daunting. But worry not, we're here to ensure your journey is as pleasurable as it is safe. Our products are designed to offer you not only an unforgettable experience but also peace of mind, knowing you're using items of the highest quality, safety, and efficacy.

A Spicy Touch for Your Life

Sometimes, all it takes to ignite the spark or rekindle the flame is a small change, a minimal adjustment with maximum effects. Loviux's extenders are that spicy touch that will transform your intimate moments into an unprecedented experience. Are you daring enough to explore the limits of pleasure?

The Time is Now

If you've read this far, it's because curiosity has bitten you as much as we enjoy stoking yours. It's time to leave doubts behind and dive into the fascinating world of extenders. Explore our collection, choose your favorite, and get ready to embark on a limitless pleasure adventure. Remember, at Loviux, we're committed to your satisfaction and pleasure. Let the fun begin!

Frequently Asked Questions about Extenders

How do you use these products?

The use of extenders varies by type: penis sleeves are placed directly over it, providing instant additional length and girth. Penis extenders, designed for more prolonged use, work by applying gentle traction that, over time, may result in a size increase. Lastly, extender rings are positioned at the base of the penis to maintain the erection for longer and add an extra bit of fun.

What are they specifically used for?

Extenders serve various purposes: increasing the length and girth of the penis, improving the durability of the erection, and in some cases, offering a new texture or sensation during sexual intercourse. Additionally, some products are designed for long-term use with the goal of achieving a permanent increase in size.

Are they safe to use?

Absolutely! At Loviux, safety is our top priority. All our extenders are made with high-quality materials and have been rigorously tested. However, we recommend carefully reading the usage instructions and starting with moderate application, especially if you are new to this type of experience.

Can extenders enhance sexual relationships?

Definitely. By adding length, girth, or even a new texture, extenders can intensify pleasure for both participants. Moreover, the boost in confidence and personal satisfaction many users report can be a powerful aphrodisiac in itself. At Loviux, your pleasure is our pleasure. And with our range of extenders, the sky's the limit. So, what are you waiting for? Explore, experiment, and extend your pleasure horizons with us. Dare to take the step and transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Because in the game of love and pleasure, more is definitely… more.