Bath Salts and Gel

Dive Into Seduction: Bath Salts and Gels to Make Your Fantasies Bubble Over.


30 Items Bath Salts and Gel

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  1. Seductive Glow Oil
  2. Phenomenal Tanning Lotion
  3. Aromatic Power Explosion Gel.
  4. Sensual Forest Fruits
  5. Vibra Coffee 15ml
  6. Kissable Energy Gel - 30ml
  7. Sugar Kissable Gel 30ml
  8. Passion Gel Thai 200ml
  9. Shiny Lotus Bath Salt
  10. Exotic Shunga Bath Salt 75g
  11. Fresh Ocean Crystals
  12. Sensual Gel Shunga 60ml
  13. Intense Orgasmic 10ml
  14. Aquatic Pleasure Wonders
  15. Sensual Ylang Ylang Oil
  16. Gel de retraso - 50 ml
  17. Vibrant Strawberry 30ml
  18. Zen Stimulating Gel 30ml
  19. Nuei inlube silicone lubricant 100ml
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  20. Raspberry Sensual Massage Cream
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  21. Exotic Massage Cream 200ml
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  22. Sweet Almond Sensuality Massage Cream 200ml
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30 Items Bath Salts and Gel

Set Descending Direction
Ready to dive into an experience that transcends mere cleansing? Loviux invites you to discover our sensual selection of Erotic Bath Salts and Gels, where each bubble will whisper secrets of pleasure, and every scent will transport you to a universe of unexplored sensations. Forget traditional baths; you're about to learn how to turn water into an elixir of love, desire, and fun. **A Wave of Sensations** Picture the moment: Dim lighting, your favorite music playing in the background, and a bathtub waiting. But it's not just any wait—it promises to be the prelude to a sensory adventure. With our Erotic Bath Salts and Gels, every inch of your skin will prepare to experience stories you’ve only dreamt of. **The Scent of Desire** The key lies in the scents. Did you know that certain smells can awaken hidden desires, longed-for memories, and deep emotions? Our collection is meticulously selected so that each fragrance invites you to unleash your most intimate fantasies. From the sweet spell of vanilla to the exotic allure of ylang-ylang, each bath salt and gel has its own story, waiting to become part of yours. **Textures that Caress** It's not all about scent, of course. Texture plays a crucial role in this aquatic seduction game. Imagine salts dissolving slowly, releasing tiny caresses that float in the water, or gels transforming into a soft foam, enveloping your body in a cloud of pleasure. Loviux offers you the chance to transform every bath into a unique experience, where touch has as much to say as smell. **The Art of Seduction** And what about those shared moments? Erotic Bath Salts and Gels are not only for solitary enjoyment. Turn that bath into your little sanctuary of connection, where foreplay becomes as intense as the act of love itself. A space to explore, play, and let go, where each bubble is an accomplice to your secrets. **Underwater Games** Dare to explore further? At Loviux, we believe fun is an essential part of desire. That’s why our Erotic Bath Salts and Gels are designed not just to seduce your senses but also to invite you to play. Discover gels with warming effects, adding a spicy touch to your caresses, or effervescent salts that tickle you, encouraging laughter together in a dance of bubbles. **Your Ritual of Pleasure** Making your bath a ritual of eroticism is an art that requires the best ingredients. At Loviux, we select only high-quality, safe products with natural ingredients that respect and pamper the skin. Because pleasure also means taking care of and loving oneself. **Dive into Loviux** So now you know, whether to ignite the spark of a special night, to enjoy a moment of relaxation full of self-love, or to share a bath full of laughter and complicity, Loviux is your perfect ally. Let Erotic Bath Salts and Gels take you on an unparalleled sensory journey, where every drop of water becomes a promise of endless pleasure. **Explore, Play, Love!** Ready to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary? Explore our range of Erotic Bath Salts and Gels and let Loviux be the perfect accomplice on your journey toward pleasure. Because at the end of the day, immersing yourself in sensations, emotions, and desires is what makes life worth living. Take the plunge, the water is delightful! Diving into the depths of seduction and pleasure is an art, and at Loviux, we pride ourselves on being your guides on this sensory journey. Erotic Bath Salts and Gels are not mere products; they are master keys that unlock doors to universes of sensations, games, and connections. Ready to discover more? Join us in this sensual Q&A that will take you beyond what you’ve ever imagined. **How Do You Use These Products?** The use of Erotic Bath Salts and Gels is as varied as your fantasies. Simply let the water run, dissolve the salts, or pour the gel as the bathtub fills, and immerse yourself in an ocean of sensations. But don't stop there; experiment with the water temperature, play with textures on your skin and your partner’s, and let the scents transport you. **What Are They Specifically For?** These are not just simple bath products; they are tools for seduction, relaxation, and exploration. The salts, with their minerals, soften and revitalize the skin, preparing it for more intimate touches, while the gels, with their silky textures, invite to massage and caressing. Both, through their scents, awaken the senses and enhance desire, creating a perfect atmosphere for intimacy. **Can I Use Them on All Skin Types?** At Loviux, we understand that each skin is a universe. That’s why we select products with the highest quality and natural ingredients, suitable for most skin types. However, we always recommend reading the ingredients and, if you have particularly sensitive skin, doing a patch test on a small area first. **Are They Only for Couples?** Absolutely not! While they are perfect for adding a magical touch to your couple’s encounters, Erotic Bath Salts and Gels are also your gateway to a moment of self-love and personal care. Immersing yourself in a relaxing bath is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself and your desire. **How Can I Maximize the Use Experience?** For a truly unforgettable experience, set the mood. Candles, soft music, and dim lights can transform your bathroom into a temple of pleasure. Experiment with temperatures, adding cold and hot water at different times to play with sensations. And don't forget, after the bath, to continue the play outside the water. **Are They Suitable for Gifting?** What better gift than that of sensations and pleasure? Erotic Bath Salts and Gels are an exceptional choice to surprise that special someone, inviting them to explore, relax, and enjoy. Elegant and sophisticated, these products are a gift that says: "I value you, I desire you, and I invite you to enjoy together or in your intimacy." **What Is the Shelf Life of These Products?** The duration varies depending on the product and frequency of use, but in general, they are designed to offer multiple sessions of pleasure and relaxation. Always remember to seal the containers properly to maintain their properties intact and follow the usage instructions to maximize their lifespan. **Can I Combine Them with Other Erotic Products?** Of course! In fact, we encourage experimentation. Combine the Erotic Bath Salts and Gels with massage oils, waterproof erotic toys, or any other product from our collection to take your experience to the next level. Always check the compatibility indications. **What Makes Them Unique Compared to Traditional Bath Products?** Beyond cleansing, the Erotic Bath Salts and Gels from Loviux are infused with essences and textures designed to awaken the senses, stimulate desire, and foster connection, both personal and as a couple. They are an invitation to explore pleasure in new and exciting ways, a promise of unforgettable moments. So, pleasure adventurers, Erotic Bath Salts and Gels are much more than simple bath products. They are your passport to a world of sensations, games, and intimate connections. At Loviux, we’re here to ensure every exploration is safe, sensual, and above all, unforgettable. Take the first step and let the waters of desire guide you!