Pjur Lubricants

Pjur: Glide into Pleasure, Where Friction Turns to Fantasy.


31 Items Pjur Lubricants

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  1. Pjur aqua panthenol - 100ml
  2. Instant Pleasure
  3. Anal Ease Spray 20ml
  4. Pjur Hero Spray
  5. Men Xtend Massage Cream
  6. Nude Lubri 100ml
  7. WaterLube 100ml
  8. Latex Shine 100 ml
    Special Price £16.01 Regular Price £17.06
  9. LubriHeat 100ml
  10. Water-based Lubricant 100ml
  11. Pjur Power Cream 500ml
    Special Price £26.14 Regular Price £28.71
  12. Anal Bliss Serum 20ml
    Special Price £19.38 Regular Price £19.39
  13. Sensual Femme Sensual Lubricant 100ml
    Special Price £15.16 Regular Price £17.86
  14. LubriFresh 30ml
  15. Anal Relax Gel 100ml
    Special Price £16.85 Regular Price £19.39
  16. Anal Relaxing Pjur 30ml
    Special Price £8.40 Regular Price £8.51
  17. SilkLube 100 - Silicone Lubricant
    Special Price £15.16 Regular Price £17.86
  18. Analysis Gel
  19. Superhero Delay Spray 20ml
    Special Price £19.38 Regular Price £19.39
  20. Bodyglide Women Lubricant 30 ml
    Special Price £7.56 Regular Price £7.73
  21. LubriWoman 100ml
  22. Silky Silicone
    Special Price £10.94 Regular Price £13.17

31 Items Pjur Lubricants

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Slide into a world of endless pleasure with our exclusive selection of Pjur Lubricants. At Loviux, we understand that the key to a sensual and overflowing pleasure experience lies in the smoothest, most slippery detail, and yes, the most lubricated one. That's why we've gathered the most seductive collection of Pjur lubricants, designed to take your intimate moments to a new level of smoothness, comfort, and excitement. Whether you're exploring new horizons solo or with a partner, Pjur lubricants are your perfect ally to make each caress, each touch, and each encounter as fluid as your wildest fantasies. Allow us to guide you down this slippery path towards infinite pleasure, where every product has been selected with your ultimate satisfaction in mind.

Why Choose Pjur Lubricants

In the vast ocean of options, Pjur lubricants shine as a beacon of quality, durability, and exquisite sensations. Here are some irresistible reasons to dive into their world:
  • Premium Quality: Made in Germany, these lubricants are synonymous with excellence. Each drop is a promise of uncompromised pleasure.
  • Versatility: Water play? Anal adventures? Erotic massages? There’s a Pjur for every occasion, ready to make your dreams a reality.
  • Skin-Friendly: With dermatologically tested formulas, these lubricants are kind even to the most sensitive skin. Fun should never come at the cost of your well-being.

Explore Our Varieties

From the silky smoothness of Pjur Original to the stimulating experience of Pjur Cool, each lubricant has been designed to enrich your most intimate experiences. Indulge in Pjur Aqua for those moments you crave the freshness of water, or choose Pjur Back Door for safe and enjoyable anal exploration. And for natural lovers, Pjur Med Natural is the perfect companion, with carefully selected ingredients for a pure and organic sensation.

Incorporating Pjur into Your Erotic Play

The use of a good lubricant can completely transform your sexual experience, and Pjur lubricants are masters in the art of seduction. Here are some ideas to start exploring:
  • For foreplay: A sensual massage with Pjur can be the perfect start to a passionate night. Let hands do the talking while you explore every corner with softness and desire.
  • Experiment with toys: Take your favorite erotic toys to another level. A bit of lubricant can make the experience even more intense and enjoyable.
  • For the grand finale: Ensure everything flows perfectly when the climax arrives. Pjur lubricants are the secret ingredient for a spectacular climax.

Join the Pleasure Revolution with Pjur

At Loviux, we're committed to bringing you only the best of the erotic world, and our selection of Pjur lubricants is a reflection of that commitment. We invite you to discover the unlimited potential of your sexuality with products that promise not only satisfaction but also inspiration and excitement. Explore, experiment, and enjoy with the confidence that you're in the best hands. On this journey towards limitless pleasure, Pjur lubricants are your loyal companions, ensuring that each moment is as exciting as the first. Ready to slide into pleasure? Discover the full range of Pjur lubricants at Loviux and make every encounter unforgettable. Because in the game of love and passion, being well-lubricated is not just a detail... it’s everything. Don't wait any longer to dive into the universe of sensations that Loviux and Pjur have prepared for you. Explore our selection today and elevate your intimate moments to new heights of pleasure! Step into the universe of Pjur Lubricants, a premium selection Loviux has prepared for you, destined to transform each intimate encounter into an unforgettable experience. With a range designed exclusively to enhance pleasure and comfort, these lubricants are your passport to the paradise of desire and sensuality. From the softest caresses to the boldest adventures, Pjur is your perfect ally to glide towards ecstasy with elegance and safety. Ready to explore every corner of this garden of delights? Keep reading and let yourself be seduced!